Southern Territory Salvation Army

Our office provides two main services for the USA Southern Territory of The Salvation Army. For those seeking officership in the Southern Territory, we provide the psychological evaluation that is a part of this screening process.  We also provide the 5 Year Officer Service Reviews.  A further description of these services can be found below.

Candidates for Officership in The Salvation Army
The psychological evaluation consists of the following three areas:

  -  an interview

  -  completion of standardized personality inventories

  -  completion of a measure of intellectual abilities and reading skills


The interview will be conducted in a setting deemed appropriate by the Divisional Headquarters and the office of Steven Snook, Ph.D., LLC.


During the interview you will be asked questions to learn more about you and the following areas will be included:

  -  childhood and adolescence

  -  relationship and marital history

  -  educational and occupational experience

  -  any substance use or mental health history

  -  religious experience and calling

  -  any other pertinent information that you or the interviewer feels is important to discuss


The personality inventories are completed in order to assess your personality adjustment and style to evaluate how it will fit with The Army.

The measure of intelligence is completed to identify any needs that may hinder training and officership. This measure is present to evaluate what you do know and see if any assistance is needed.

It is important to remember that there should be no pressure to perform throughout this evaluation. The personality inventories and interview are conducted in order to get to know you personally.

Any recommendations that are made are for your benefit in future officership, so your openness and honesty will serve to benefit you.



5 Year Officer Service Reviews
Officers entering their 5th year as an officer will have a service review as requested by the Southern Territorial Secretary of Personnel. One part of this evaluation will be conducted by the office of Steven Snook, Ph.D. in order to assess your adjustment to officership, satisfaction in personal and professional life, and to provide any recommendations. The evaluation consists of an initial interview, completion of personality inventories, and a feedback session for the individual officer.